Hunger Games


Thursday, April 12, 2012

So... I'm a little late to jump on the Hunger Games train. My husband read the series well over a year ago and shared how wonderful it was. One of my amazing friends read it way back when too and declared it was her favorite series and outranked Twilight! GASP!
With life getting crazy and not finding time to pick up a book... another GASP!... I finally started it, 2 months ago, but for whatever reason I just couldn't make it through the first couple of chapters. I so badly wanted to finish it before the movie came out so my husband and I could go see it.
Then, all of a sudden... after the movie came out... I couldn't put the book down! LOVED it!
The end...
No one told me that I would IMMEDIATELY have to pick up the next book because this one was SUCH a cliff hanger! Holy Moly!
But, I haven't, yet. I had to pick up the newest book by Devyn Dawson, The Light Tamer. She sent me an ARC and I flew through it in just a matter of hours. FABULOUS! But we'll discuss that a little bit later. Along with a review and a GIVEAWAY! Oh how I love giveaways!
In the meantime... Check out this gorgeous cover for The Light Tamer!

Definitely be on the lookout for more on this amazing book!

Now back to the Hunger Games! Oh, Katniss! How can you not love that girl. What an amazing heart she has.
And Peeta... he's such a goof, but you can't help but love him as well. I sure got caught up in the confusion of... is it a game or is he sincere and can totally see where Katniss was confused, as well.
I'm dying! I tell you, DYING... to know what happens when she sees Gale. I guess, with that... I'm off to read Catching Fire.


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